Flipbook WordPress: Customizing Your WordPress Website

Flipbook WordPress: Customizing your WordPress website

The WordPress dashboard is the first screen you see after you log into your WordPress website or blog. The Flipbook WordPress plug-in for WP websites embed impressive flipping eBooks, catalogs and brochures to your WordPress website. Find out the most significant settings in the WordPress dashboard to get started building and customizing your site according to your preferences. Flipbook WordPress dashboard is the place where you start building, managing, maintaining and customizing your WordPress website or blog. It is the platform where you let your originality explodes so that you can generate your website or blog in the way that fits your business.

To create your online flipbook, all it takes is a click on a button to upload your PDF. The PDF Flipbook with impressive animated media effects would attract more people. Flipbook with inspiring animated media effects would draw attention more people. Turn batch PDF files to flipbook with page turning effect, background music, and video, audio, flash, home page URL and watermark etc. Catalog and flipbook with these impressive animated media effects would stimulate customers' interests. Flip PDF Professional Software provides share button on interface toolbar. You and your flipbook viewers can easy click share button to share it on Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Diig and so on.

Flip PDF Professional is the most reasonable software to convert batch PDF files to flash media catalog with page flipping effect. There are many PDF to Flipbook converter are available online. We have found a good partner, it's Flip PDF Professional which can convert PDF file and batch PDF files to flipbook in few minutes. It benefits us a lot. Now we would like to speak about the reasons to change PDF to flipbook. You might ask what Flip PDF Professional software is and how it can benefit you. Firstly, Flip PDF Professional is the most reasonable software to convert batch PDF files to flash media catalog with page flipping effect. You can create cool flip book in minutes without any professional programming skills.

The fantastic flipbook plug-in will let people flexibly turn pages by dragging pages corner and selecting or clicking page previous and next buttons which will engage readers. You can also search for Flipbook Plugin online. This plug-in enables you to publish PDF Documents on your Flipbook WordPress blog. Using this plug-in you are able to embed your PDF publications on your WordPress website. A flip book is also known as a flick book. It is a book containing pictures that vary minimally from one to another.


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