How to Bet with Bitcoins?

How To Bet With Bitcoins?

How to Bet with Bitcoins?

Bitcoin Betting is very easy. Due to the intrinsic privacy of the payment method, it does not make sense for bookmakers to collect personal information. The usual procedures to confirm the identity by sending copies of identification documents and address that many houses require are completely unnecessary. The registration is immediate and after registering the user you can start playing.


On the other hand, Bitcoin itself is a payment method. Therefore, in many Bitcoin betting houses, it is not necessary to make deposits. Of course, you will need an electronic wallet or Bitcoin wallet to manage your income and make payments. But it is very easy to make one, for example in the blockchain. In a few minutes, you can start to operate.


Some Bitcoin Betting Houses:


Although we will make a more detailed review, we leave you below the links to a few betting houses that will allow you to bet with bitcoins:


  • DirectBet: your motto is to welcome the winners, so if you have ever experienced any limitations, you will appreciate their philosophy.
  • BetCoin: of the biggest houses in sports betting in bitcoin, offers a wide variety of bets.
  • CloudBet: excellent welcome bonuses, if you're getting started it can be a great option.
  • BitBet: bets on almost any subject. If not only betting on sports but you like to bet on other topics such as who will be the next president of the United States or how the Bitcoin quote will evolve, this is an excellent option.
  • Nitrogen Sports: Sportsbook, casino, and poker, a complete, wide and varied offer of bets with a very careful interface.




It is always advisable to bet with trusted Bitcoin casino. Betting with bitcoins allows us to make our operations anonymous. The bookmaker works with an address in which to collect and pay the bitcoins. It is something like a numbered account in a bank. Nobody will know who we are.




Bitcoin is not considered a currency of legal tender so when we win, we will not be making money. It is possible that we should pay our taxes when we convert the bitcoins into dollars or pounds or any other currency if we have made a profit. But in the meantime, we will save taxes on sports betting benefits. Note that although being private transactions treasury will not know, it does not exclude that if we have an obligation we should also pay our taxes. However, that moment is delayed until the transformation into currency.






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