Gem-Galaxy Laboratory: Diamond Certification In Pakistan

Gem-Galaxy laboratory: Diamond certification in Pakistan

Having a diamond certified in a gemological workshop is the guaranteed way of understanding what a diamond is a value. Diamond graders assess diamonds based on color, weight, clarity, and cut. They use detailed measuring tools and software developed in Gem-Galaxy. Based on the results of the Gem-Galaxy lab, a certificate is drafted, defining every aspect of the stone. To warranty their genuineness and value, all Gem-Galaxy diamonds are sold together with their Diamond certification in Pakistan. Each diamond is laser-imprinted with its exclusive certificate number, only observable on the girdle, the thin outer edge, with the assist of a microscope.

While imperceptible to the naked eye, this certification number offer added safety to the diamond’s owner and can be established online through Gem-Galaxy directly. Gem-Galaxy set a high value on advising consumers about the diamonds they purchase. When buying a Gem-Galaxy certified diamond you can relax assured the individuality described in its supplementary certificate have been thoroughly checked by specialist gemologists. The gem-galaxy certificate represents the hallmark of real Pakistan quality and permits any consumer to buy diamonds or jewelry in full self-assurance.

A diamond certificate is a file containing the uniqueness of the diamond that will create up its value. It is the lineage that goes with the diamond and becomes a precious document in case of defeat because it will make sure that your insurance organization will replace your stone with a further certified stone of like superiority. Certificates are not estimation since they do not include any information concerning the value or price of a diamond. Surrounded the globe, Diamond certificates bring self-assurance when purchasing or selling diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry. A gem-galaxy laboratory is the Best Gem testing lab in Pakistan.

Total assurance to sympathetic consumer concerns has aggravated Gem-Galaxy to expand complete analysis and clear documentation for customers. This empowers jewelry purchaser to focus on searching accurately what they want, with the full guarantee of the integrity and quality of the Gem-Galaxy certification. Gem-Galaxy Laboratory is respected diamond grading laboratory. Gem-Galaxy Laboratory has pioneered the growth of the first technical system used to appraise how well a diamond has been cut. A diamond’s cut is the most significant C of all of the four C's. When a diamond is a fine cut it reflects and bends light to the greatest degree.

A gem-galaxy laboratory has been much-admired as a worldwide leader due to our wide research and development in formative the cut grade of diamonds. Universal, there are lots of laboratories available for diamond certification. A gem-galaxy laboratory is widely measured amongst the consistent names in the grading business. We at Gem-Galaxy have a reasonable approach to conducting trade to suit any customer’s requirements. The gem-galaxy laboratory provides Ruby testing in Pakistan.




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