Give Your Home A New Look With Boucherouite

Give Your Home A New Look With Boucherouite

Give Your Home A New Look With Boucherouite

People love to decorate their home and in this process blending the arts of one culture with another is a very common thing. This not only give their place an enhanced look but they also get appreciation from everyone visiting their place and this gives them ultimate satisfaction. One thing people are using nowadays to beautify their place is Boucherouite. Their popularity can be understood from the fact that you can easily find one at a store near you.

Boucherouite is basically a type of rug which is made from various torn-out pieces of old clothes. The primary product used to make rugs was sheep’s wool but Boucherouite has emerged as a great substitute for all such traditional items. This is the result of popularity of Moroccan art and the economic as well as social changes witnessed in the Morocco’s rural areas. This move from the use of sheep’s wool towards pieces of old cloth is praised by most people and especially by animal lovers. Moreover, it has increased rural employment in this part of the world.

Constituents of Boucherouite

The primary product used to make Moroccan rugs was wool from sheep but with so much demand for the Moroccan rugs/Boucherouite, the primary building material has changed to pieces of cloth. This is of course a substitute but has become so famous that it is now the primary material to make Boucherouite. Be it different strips of recycled rags or various remnants of cotton, plastic, nylon, wool, synthetic fibers and lurex, all are used to create this beautiful artwork. The shift from wool towards these substitute products began in the era of 60s and 70s. The primary areas where the production first started were the plain areas around the towns of Beni Mellal and Boujad and these towns were basically settled by Arabs.

Popularity with time

This renovated artwork started gaining worldwide popularity after the year 1990 when the use of these substitute materials was increased to make rugs and carpets. As this change was being accepted all over the globe, people of Berber tribe also started accepting this change and a mass production was started in the regions across Atlas mountain. It is known that Boucherouite came into existence in 60s and 70s but who was behind their existence is still unknown. With so much popularity, these concerns actually does not matter much.

The Boujad

While searching for Boucherouite in marketplace, you will come across Boujad. Both of them are not related because some very different kinds of rugs are produced in Boujad and in order to sell Boujad, the sellers usually mix both the arts. It is known that the rugs made in Boujad bear their own style which is free from any sort of regulations and rules.

These rugs are given the looks of sleeping carpets which were used traditionally in these areas. They were made with the intention of being used as a domestic item and at that time, they were not intended to be used commercially. It is the demand and popularity which has made Boucherouite a favorite of many.




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