Taste The Change In Party Preferences In NY City

Taste the Change in Party Preferences in NY City

Speakeasy bars are not a new concept, they have been around since 1920s, even though prohibited, they have been in huge demand and probably rightfully so. That, which you cannot have, that, you must have either this way, or that. Speakeasy bars are still there, hidden, yet fully functional in NY City.

Drinking is legal today, but people at NY still have the penchant for fun while being missing in action for a few hours, to enjoy the vintage décor, secret doorways and drinks made with age old ingredients. As per the reports, there is not one, but many a Speakeasy cocktail bar NYC boasts of.

The ambience usually consists of underground cozy set ups, where they play soft music of 20s, and you have to pull down the lamp strings to call the waiters to take your order. On the front, they would look like any ordinary apartment, but the reality is set inside those big doors.

New York is a host to several late night food joints as well. When people work till late or are on a driving spree throughout the city after 10.00pm, their bellies may rumble and cue them for some food in it. There are several places that offer late night food midtown, NYC dwellers can go to.

These places are great to satisfy the late night cravings. Usually the late night starts after 10.00 or 11.00 pm only, and people have no qualms about strolling on the streets this late. Most of these dining and wining joints are not known to everyone, as they open late at night, when most commoners are asleep.

They have a friendly and chill environment for all kinds of people. Drinks and food is great during this time and people most often have only good things to say about the late night eat out places. One more concept that is quickly makings its way is of Party Brunch NYC lifestyle.

No one really can point out whether the people having this brunch are about to go for a party at night or have been coming in from a late night party. They are dressed up like they are either ready to party or have just finished one. But they are at these brunch joints to enjoy.

The wealthy counterpart of NY City is the frequent visitors of such brunch parties that often take place in the mid noon on Sundays. The food at these parties is perfectly capable of letting you wake up all hung-over the next day, making you think, all that just from a brunch?

It hosts the cooler crowd of the city, with super cool music playing on and people chilling and relaxing while eating and drinking, all of that in day time, instead of the usual night chill outs. To add to it, the food and drinks are unlimited. Wicked, right?

When the weather is warm, these parties happen on rooftops, when you can enjoy everything while getting a nice tan. The crowd is trendy and the food is trendy and the party people don’t think twice about spending money on such brunches, parties and secretive bars.



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