Corporate Governance At Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Case Solution

Corporate Governance at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Case Solution

Corporate Governance at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Case Solution

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Questions Covered

1. In what ways did Stewart’s control of shareholder voting rights disrupt the functioning of the board? How did her control of the board interfere with directors’ carrying out their fiduciary duties?

2. What changes in the makeup of the board would have improved governance?

3. How might changes in corporate bylaws have improved governance?

4. What situations might have been improved or avoided through better risk management?

5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having one person serve as both a company's dominant brand its controlling shareholder?

6. In what ways did MSO fail to respond to competitive trends and changes in consumer preferences? Why?

7. What might management have done to stabilize revenue and reassure investors after Stewart's legal troubles surfaced?

8. What were the internal and external symptoms of trouble in the years following Stewart's 2005 return to the company?


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