Flexible Printed Circuit: Used For Ease Of Assembly In Interconnection Systems

Flexible printed circuit: Used for ease of assembly in interconnection systems

Flexible printed circuits are widely used today because of low cost, ease of assembly in interconnection systems, and the low volumes that they occupy. Board-to-chip, board-to-board, and chip-to-chip connections are areas where they are mainly used. They are also important in packages with limited space and stacked rigid boards, thus demanding three-dimensional connections. The largest use of flexible circuits can be seen in portable electronic products. These include notebooks (NB), mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDA) and information appliances (IA).

The medical electronics industry is one of the fastest growing markets. As the drive to reduce space and weight while adding functionality at a reduced cost continues, flexible circuits are becoming an ideal interconnection and packaging design solution for this industry. A flexible printed circuit makes use of flexible laminate. The raw materials and properties of the laminate are crucial, not only to its manufacturing process, but also to the performance of the finished circuit. The flexible laminate consists of a conducting foil and also the dielectric substrates.

Essential components of a Flexible printed circuit

The two essential components of flexible printed circuit are:

Base Material: It is a thin board of non-conductive laminate material, rigid or flexible, which supports all conductors and components

Conductor: High purity of copper in the form of thin strips that is firmly attached to the base material.

The base material provides mechanical support to the copper areas and components attached to the copper. The electrical properties of the completed circuit depend upon the dielectric properties of the base material and must, therefore, be selected and controlled. The conductors provide, not only the electrical connections between components, but also mechanical support for components once soldered.

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