Ontela PicDeck A Case Solution

Ontela PicDeck A Case Solution

Ontela PicDeck A Case Solution

Ontela PicDeck A Case Solution

Ontela, a technology start-up company, has introduced an innovative service called PicDeck that improves the mobile imaging experience for wireless subscribers. Ontela sells PicDeck to wireless carriers, who in turn private-label the service to their subscribers. Ontela must decide which customer segments it should target for the service and how to create a positioning strategy and a marketing communication plan to promote it. It must also consider the value proposition of the PicDeck service for wireless carriers (its direct customers), who need to be convinced that the service will lead to higher monthly average revenue per user (ARPU) and/or increased subscriber loyalty. Part A of the case provides qualitative information on customer personae that represent different customer segments. Students are asked to develop a targeting and positioning strategy based on this qualitative information. Part B provides quantitative data on customer preferences that can be used to identify response-based customer segments, as well as demographic and media habits information that can be used to profile the segments. Students are asked to revise their recommendations based on the additional quantitative data. Ontela, a new venture pertaining to technology, has launched a novel service known as PicDeck, which enhances the experience of clicking pictures and images from the cell phone for wireless members and subscribers. Ontela retails PicDeck to wireless agents, who then provide the service under their private brands to the consumers. Ontela must determine the target audience for its service and also decide on how to develop a positing statement and tactic that differentiates it, along with the construction of a promotional plan for adequate advertising. It must also take into account the value proposition that is entailed with the PicDeck service for the wireless agents (its direct clientele), who need to then be persuaded that the service will lead to a growth in their monthly average revenue per user (ARPU) and/or enhance the consumers’ loyalty. Part A of the case gives a qualitative background on the consumer personality that is representative of different consumer groups. Students are required to design a positioning strategy and decide a targeting plan based on the qualitative data provided. Part B gives an overview of quantitative information pertaining to consumer likings which can be made use of to highlight response-based consumer target groups. Students are required to reassess their proposals made based on the added quantitative information provided.


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