10 Dog Breeds from working Category for Human Work

10 Dog Breeds From Working Category For Human Work

10 Dog Breeds from working Category for Human Work

Dogs have a large variety of species all over the world. All different species of dog are called as a breed. More than 400 dog breeds are found in the earth. Most of them are genetically modified species created through DNA fusion of two different breeds. According to the works and characteristics of the dog, these are categorized into seven main categories. These are:-

  1. Sporting Category.
  2. Non-Sporting Category.
  3. Toy Category.
  4. Herding Category.
  5. Terrier Category.
  6. Hound Category.
  7. Working Category.

Working Category:

The dog breeds from this category are characteristically active or by mixing of any working breeds. These are widely using in different work of human being like pulling carts, sleds & carriages, guarding the home and offices, investigate in the rescue missions with police having large dog collars in the hand of a policeman and many other works where human ability stop performing.

These dogs are very large in size and violent in nature. It is a difficult task to capture them for the first time. There is no breed of dogs in respect of working and helping human other than this category after a successful routine training. These dogs become very violent if not give proper task and need to be bind with leather collars and leashes. These are not fit for a family pet. Here are some of the best working category dog breeds for reference.


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