National health protection mission | Medical equipment for rent

National Health Protection Mission | Medical Equipment For Rent

National health protection mission | Medical equipment for rent

The My healthcare India is a site that is dedicated to helping the public to increase their awareness about health, hospital services, and healthy lifestyle in an engaging way. Information oh this site is entirely free and it is accessible for everyone.  We produce content focused on health tips and tricks and high-rate articles about different diseases and possible cures.

We also support Indian goverment in its new program called National health protection mission – it should help families with financial issues to get proper medical treatment.  One of our main goals is to help with choosing the right health care provider. It is not an easy task and you should know all the reliable information when choosing one. Choosing the health care provider may be tricky for a general audience and this the reason we created a website, which has content related only to this matter. For more information about this topic visit Prime healers where you will be able to make up your mind and choose the best option for you and your family.

If you want to stay up to date and receive all our valuable tips, tricks and information feel free to subscribe for our newsletter – you just need to fill out a subscription form. We send it on weekly basis – it is always filled with the best tips for a healthy lifestyle as prevention is the best option for how to stay fit and healthy. From online daily tips for good health to serious articles about diseases, you will find here everything regarding health care in India.

There are special cases when patients with long-term illnesses are discharged from a hospital. These patients usually need special medical equipment, but because of the high price, it is not possible for them to get one. For these patients we provide a special service – we rent equipment at affordable prices. My Healthcare  India offers oxygen concentrators, medical beds, wheelchairs, suction machines, ventilators, walkers, nebulizers, cpaps and bipaps. If you are in need of any of the above-mentioned equipment check our site Medical equipment for rent.

Our site has unique content. You can find here information about important internal affairs of India, such as health policies, information about social health insurance but also lighter articles about how to gain weight naturally or article about top 10 juices that will help loose weight quickly. Articles on our site are created by well educated medical professionals, fitness trainers and people engaged in medical care. All we care about is a healthy and happy reader, who will benefit from our wonderful articles.






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